Talents needed to help with an open-source, explorative and story-driven adventure game: "Captain Holetooth"

Hello you lovely open-source people,

I’m Oliver from Germany. I’m an older guy who has worked for Nintendo in the past and played almost every game on this planet. I started on a monitor which only displayed 8 variations of green. My games were stored on cassette tape. There you have it. Hardcore. Today I love games like Witcher 3, Warframe and Pac-Man.

With 40 it’s time to do stuff before it’s too late. So, in this case, the stuff is this: MAKING A GREAT GAME with even greater people!

I look for you. I’m sure you have skills that I don’t. Join me and my little creative lab „Hirnbix“. It’s going to be fun. I’m an American Football player, so my motto is always this: > „Alone you go fast, but with a team you go far!“

Some skills I look for in you

  • General experience with the open source engine „Godot“ and GDScript Godot Website
  • git, GitHub, Gitlab
  • Tidying up code and sustain maintainability in the code base
  • Consolidate functions, variables, instances etc.
  • Understanding how to program features within the Godot Engine
  • Commenting code so that I can understand what’s going on
  • Solution-centered approach and positive motivation
  • Effective communication with NO DRAMA and mature attitude when it comes to dealing with obstacles or challenges

You must not have all the skills above. Every little bit helps.

My skills:

  • Telling stories
  • Drawing digitally and with pencil and paper
  • Inventing fun characters, places, items
  • Level Design, Game mechanics
  • Creating pixel art and animation
  • Front-End Web programming expert (HTML, CSS)
  • Pretty good at Python
  • Drinking 2 litres of coffee in the night
  • Staying awake until the damn thing works!
  • Marketing a game successfully
  • Preparing assets for marketing, Screencasts etc.

So what game are you talking about old man?

First: Thanks for reading this far. You made it through. I appreciate it.

My game is centred around „Captain Holetooth“ (CAHO) which is a character I invented for my kid.

CAHO lives in a rich world with amazing characters and his main purpose is to defend a kind of „magic candy“ (still looking for a name) and to collect surplus sweets so that children don’t eat too much of them… The world of CAHO has a deep backstory (almost like Lord of the rings) and the origin of the setting is my work on children’s books.

So what’s your idea behind the game and how does it stand out?

My idea is to provide a 2D game that tells a story over time and makes people want to explore the amazing world of Captain Holetooth.

  • Deep backstory, rich world
  • Explorative nature with no major punishments is appealing to many audiences (I aim for a younger audience)
  • Characters and their backstories are revealed during gameplay
  • Episodic content or chapters are planned (at least 5 short chapters/stories are already written)
  • Mix of gameplay elements (already in game: side scrolling shooter, jump and run, relaxing casual marble game)

Bla blah… Let me see the game!

Well. Surprise! I put a lot of work into the game already and thanks to the Godot-Engine I made great progress in a few months! Just give it a go and see what has been done so far.

Source Code

I really liked Github. But I moved to GitLab, because I really can’t stand Microsoft.

Google Play Android ALPHA Version

I have a google play developer account and use it.

Youtube Channel „Hirnbix“

Here I post-game footage and some game streams.

Hirnbix Marketing website

This is a website for the Hirnbix business.

More art

To check some of my other art and concepts, please go here:

When does this end? I want to contact you now.

Well done. 1000 XP! You’ve read the whole thing. If you feel the need now to become a part of this I’m really happy.

Keep asking away and get in touch with me here or on the other channels. I’m looking forward to your feedback and can’t wait to work with you.

Kind regards


E-Mail: oliverruehl@mail.de

P.S. Don’t worry. During actual project work, I’m not talking that much.